Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Butterfly Wings....16 weeks and counting


It's Wednesday...almost Friday thank goodness...and the Peanut is growing like crazy.  I can't believe in a few short weeks we'll find out what our little one is....boy or girl!

I've put on hold any registering due to the fact that #1: I want to know blue or pink! and #2....we bought a HOUSE and are moving in a month (holycow!)
Big changes around the Buwalda house... 

Here is an updated 'belly' picture of me and the little rascal:
I am thoroughly enjoying my new little 'bump' opposed the the 'plump' that I have been sporting for the past few months.  I'm definitely looking pregnant now - which is lovely and something that all mom's can understand and appreciate :)  

The past few weeks have been say the least.  We are quickly approaching the holidays, and figuring out plans for the next 5 or so months until the Peanut arrives.  Time is FLYING by.  And as I said above:  We bought a HOUSE.  Like...big kid decisions going on these days.  I'm thrilled - I can't wait to move in - and am still in a bit of shock that we bit the bullet. :)   Scary times - but amazing all the same.   Knowing our little one will have a beautiful, safe and fun home and neighborhood to live in is so worth it.   

I've been feeling little 'flutters' of activity in my belly - and yes they do feel like someone is tickling me, or softly touching me with a feather...that's how I can best describe it.  I can't wait until we are able to really feel the baby moving - and have John feel kicks - that will be a beautiful thing.   I'm sure I'll rescind that comment after I am pummeled in the ribs and bladder for hours on end ;) LOL

I've been trying to get on a regular fitness routine - and back in the saddle to lift on a weekly basis.  I feel so much better and more like 'myself' when I am on a schedule.   And am going to start taking pilates twice a week - which I have heard helps with labor and honestly....getting this body back in fighting shape after our little one graces us with its presence....:)

Oh a random note - I've been listening to the Vince Guaraldi Trio Charlie Brown Christmas Pandora station all day and am loving how calming and happy it is... :)  Early?  Probably.... but if it makes you smile I say go for it and enjoy.

Lots of love,

Carly and Peanut

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