Thursday, October 21, 2010

Life Changing Moments

Life throws certain moments at you that seem to freeze your existence, and make you stop and marvel and the beauty and complexity of the world we live in.  

Moments that just floor you and you sit and say "I have to remember this...this is so incredibly important.." 

Today we went in for our 2nd ultrasound - and saw our sweet little one again.   This pregnancy has started to feel more real for both of us, for me especially because of all those little flutters and movements I am starting to feel.  Today we saw what is giving me those flutters and moving around.
I am not an overly emotional person - I don't cry very often and try to keep an even keel usually.   This pregnancy has brought me to tears many many times, for various and often sundry reasons.  But today was different - today I had tears streaming down my face looking at our beautiful perfect little baby.  Sweet, innocent little thing that will be in our life so soon, it's unbelievable.   We sat both awestruck at how much change and growth has happened since our last appointment.  It blew me away. 
Watching that heartbeat, strong and healthy, and the little hands and feet moving all over :)  It was the most in love I have ever felt in my life.   Sitting with the love of my life, my partner in every way, looking at our sweet baby.   There is nothing like it. 

SO... that being said... we did find out the gender - which brought me to tears and continues throughout the day as I think about it again.  I was surprised at my visceral reaction to the news - and how real it makes the entire process - being able to call the small person what they are and not 'it' or 'pumpkin'.  Although they are still my little pumpkin :) ....

We are waiting to tell everyone til we let our families know - but I had to share this incredible joy and overwhelming happiness knowing that I am a mom.   This... is what life is all about.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

17 Week Check-in and Adventure.....

Well... we have almost 18 weeks down little one :)  Doing great so far - you're growing like a little weed (or whatever little fruit they say you are this week...) and getting both John and I REALLY excited to meet you in person.   The next few weeks will bring more wiggles and pokes from you - and apparently you will start to actually have some umph behind your kicks and punches!  Looking so much forward to really feeling you.  

Pretty amazing to think that time has flown by so much - it's almost 1/2 way through this pregnancy...and so much has happened in such a short time.   Houses were purchased (closing Nov. 5th!), lots of long talks about our future and where we'd like to be in 5 -10 years.  It's been an adventure so far and it's only just beginning.

Speaking of adventures...this mama is craving some FUN.  I feel like I've been sick...and so sleepy for the past few months and as a usually very active person this is kinda crazy making.   That being said - all kinds of 'responsibilities' are waiting for us... like actually packing for our move (LOL) and JB has school to work on that is taking up a ton of his time these days.    I guess I'm just craving a good weekend away... time to relax and have fun... be around friends and laugh and do something adventurous.   Maybe that's me feeling like I need last hoorah's before our sweet little one arrives.   Knowing FULL well our world will then be revolving around them - and filing them with as much love as humanly possible.   Which is a pretty awesome thing :)   Just very different from a fairly easy and carefree life we live now.

In any case - that's what's on my mind these days - wondering how other mom-to-be's feel - and how they come to a peaceful 'just right' place.  

Well... we go in for our gender ultrasound this next week and we are both dying to know what the little one will be.... I keep going back and forth with my prediction - and I'm trying not to get anything set in my mind either way.  It will most definitely make it more real.... :)   Not that the large belly isn't clue enough ;) LOL...

Speaking of... here is our little peanut in all its glory.... in my belly ;)

Much love


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Butterfly Wings....16 weeks and counting


It's Wednesday...almost Friday thank goodness...and the Peanut is growing like crazy.  I can't believe in a few short weeks we'll find out what our little one is....boy or girl!

I've put on hold any registering due to the fact that #1: I want to know blue or pink! and #2....we bought a HOUSE and are moving in a month (holycow!)
Big changes around the Buwalda house... 

Here is an updated 'belly' picture of me and the little rascal:
I am thoroughly enjoying my new little 'bump' opposed the the 'plump' that I have been sporting for the past few months.  I'm definitely looking pregnant now - which is lovely and something that all mom's can understand and appreciate :)  

The past few weeks have been say the least.  We are quickly approaching the holidays, and figuring out plans for the next 5 or so months until the Peanut arrives.  Time is FLYING by.  And as I said above:  We bought a HOUSE.  Like...big kid decisions going on these days.  I'm thrilled - I can't wait to move in - and am still in a bit of shock that we bit the bullet. :)   Scary times - but amazing all the same.   Knowing our little one will have a beautiful, safe and fun home and neighborhood to live in is so worth it.   

I've been feeling little 'flutters' of activity in my belly - and yes they do feel like someone is tickling me, or softly touching me with a feather...that's how I can best describe it.  I can't wait until we are able to really feel the baby moving - and have John feel kicks - that will be a beautiful thing.   I'm sure I'll rescind that comment after I am pummeled in the ribs and bladder for hours on end ;) LOL

I've been trying to get on a regular fitness routine - and back in the saddle to lift on a weekly basis.  I feel so much better and more like 'myself' when I am on a schedule.   And am going to start taking pilates twice a week - which I have heard helps with labor and honestly....getting this body back in fighting shape after our little one graces us with its presence....:)

Oh a random note - I've been listening to the Vince Guaraldi Trio Charlie Brown Christmas Pandora station all day and am loving how calming and happy it is... :)  Early?  Probably.... but if it makes you smile I say go for it and enjoy.

Lots of love,

Carly and Peanut