Wednesday, September 15, 2010

13 Weeks... 2nd Trimester Here I Come! :)

Hello Sweet Peanut...

You are growing like a weed these days - from what I can tell in the books :) Your body is growing to catch up with your head, and your organs are forming too...even your little ears can hear us talking to you. :) Speaking of hearing - we talk to you all the time - your dad always gives my belly kisses and tells you good morning and good night and how much we love you. I can't wait to feel you moving around more - only a month or two til I can feel you pushing back!
So far your mom hasn't been feeling 'too' bad... mornings are usually the worst for feeling sick. I bet you like your sleep as much as I do - and that's what the cause is. The next few weeks will continue to get easier for me and my energy will be much higher :)

We saw you in in ultrasound about a week ago....and heard your little heartbeat... That was one of the most AMAZING moments of our lives. You look fantastic - and were bouncing around and waving your arms and legs. :) it seems like yesterday you were just the size of a grain of you are the size of a peach!
We still can't believe we have created a little person. Your dad and I loved each other so much that we wanted to show the world the ultimate sign of that love... creating YOU!

Well...until we meet in March, I hope you are snug and feeling good with all the good nourishment and love we are giving you - and continue to grow strongly and safely.
You are SO loved!


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