Monday, November 22, 2010

Things people don't tell you about pregnancy....

Hello...I am officially a major slacker when it comes to my little blog...!!  Bad mama!  
So much has happened in the past few weeks.   Lots of growth (me and the peanut) and tons of big life changes for J and I too.

Let's see...where to start...  We just moved into our new house!!
We ended up hiring movers and getting everything packed ourselves prior so we could just roll in on the move day.   Seriously people... DO up and hire people to move your stuff and save the headache!!  It is not that much $$ and it was fantastic.  I mean, you still have to unpack everything once its in - but having someone help us with the heavy lifting was amazing.  I think it saved both J and I a ton of mental and physical anguish ;)   Which is always nice...   
So the house is probably....2.5 times larger then anything we've lived in and we have a ridiculous amount of storage space ie: awesomeness - but now we sit and look around and go....what are we going to put here!?!? 

This means...we can buy big kid furniture now!  Which is exciting...but scary b/c it usually comes with big kid prices...and we don't have 'bud light' taste let's just put it that way.   Our "Ikea" specials have served us well - and so we're using the things we own for now - and will probably just slowly get things.   Really fun to think about though. :)  

So back to the title of my post...

I've been slowly growing (literally) into being pregnant - and enjoying the whole amazing process of growing a person.  She's really becoming the little active person in there ie: way more "real" to us.  John has been the recipient of many kicks while he's talking to her, the first time being a kick to his cheek as he was laying his face on my belly LOL... now THAT was an amazing moment. :)   I get to feel her/ be with her all day - so having those special moments between Dad and daughter is overwhelmingly joyous to witness.   She LOVES the sound of his voice - and get's super kicky when he's chatting with her.  Pretty adorable.   

I am 23 weeks and 2 days as of today, and am apparently in the 'honeymoon' phase of the 2nd able to run around, high energy, bump isn't 'too' big to be uncomfortable yet.  Most days all those things apply to me - and I for sure feel way more like myself lately - a fantastic little "mid-preg" gift!   

All that being said - there are things that I've been struggling with lately - even with all the happy tear inducing, and life changing moments (ie: feeling my DAUGHTER inside  

I am by nature a very active person - who enjoys running/biking/boot camp/feeling super strong etc.  The past almost 12 months - if not longer - have been dedicated to me getting pregnant and healthy and focusing not on ME so much as this little soon to be named/met person.   I have had and continue to have moments of feeling down on myself.  

Honestly...I liken myself to a big moo-cow, and I am missing being 'small'.   Looking at my jeans/pants/shirts/dresses and knowing that I would look like a sausage if I even attempted to put them on...
No one really tells you the emotional roller coaster that it is to have your body COMPLETELY change... and how depressing going to the mall will be.   Could just be me - but I enjoyed knowing my size ie: having it be steady and easy to shop for the most part.   I know its a small period of time to feel this way - and most often I love knowing I am growing my sweet baby girl, but I have my moments of feeling enormous and sorry for myself.  Then I feel guilty for feeling that way - for all the people I love who are unable to concieve or hold on to a pregnancy and think.... seriously girl?...buck UP and feel blessed every SINGLE day.    

Anywhoo, enough of that.... on a much happier note...Thanksgiving is coming up in a few days (which we are hosting...yipes! to come later)! 

Here are a list of things I am thankful for in my life... important to have perspective on how truely blessed I/we are:

  • wonderful families (both J's and mine) - immediate and extended...all over the US/Canada
  • health of my sweet baby girl
  • my health and ease of awful symptoms that some people have during pregnancy
  • being married to my best friend who I love more every day :)
  • great job (for the next month!)
  • beautiful new home for our growing family in a great neighborhood
  • food in our tummies and cabinets
  • fresh water
  • legs to run and jump
  • friends who love us and bring us such joy
  • my faith
  • our sweet friend/companion/playmate Gumbo who never ceases to make us smile :)
  • living in the northwest... such a magical place
  • ... so much more
So to everyone out there - be thankful.  Even if you feel like a moo cow most days (ie: me) or you are having a difficult time with work/life/friends/sig other - someone out there would LOVE to be in your shoes.... 

Sending love and thanks to you and yours from all of us.

Carly, J, Peanut and Gumbo

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